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Wenchao Ge

Assistant Professor

Wenchao Ge



Office: Neckers 476

Mailcode: 4401
Phone: 618-453-5257
E-mail: wenchao.ge@siu.edu



Wenchao Ge is Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at SIU. He obtained his Ph. D. degree in Physics from Texas A&M University. Before joining SIU in August, 2020, he held three postdoctoral associate positions at Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Maryland, and Texas A&M University.


Dr. Ge's research focuses on theoretical quantum optics and quantum information. He is interested in exploring fundamental limits allowed by quantum mechanics to access information (quantum sensing), transfer information (quantum communicating), and process information (quantum computing). Please visit his group website for more information: https://sites.google.com/view/wenchaoge.