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Teaching and Research Assistants

Graduate Student Office Hours (PDF)

Office hours modality:
D2L: Online, Desire 2 Learn
Zoom: Online via Zoom
Teams, Online via Microsoft Teams
F2F: Face to Face in person. 


Aladawani, Khaled

Teaching Assistant

Email: khaled.aladawani@siu.edu

Alkhaldi, Rana

Office: 430H
Email: rana.alkhaldi@siu.edu

Alrashidi, Aliaa

email: aliaa.alrashidi@siu.edu

Anderson, Michael

Teaching Assistant

Office: 430I
Hours: D2L, M, T, W, R 1-2, R 11-12
Email: michael.g.anderson@siu.edu

Babu, Anjala

Teaching Assistant

Office: 430F
Hours: D2L, F 11-1
Email: anjala.mullaparambilbabu@siu.edu

Cassell, Justin

Teaching Assistant

Office: 501E
Hours: Teams, T 12-2
Email: justin.cassell@siu.edu

Duncan, Jordan

Teaching Assistant

Office: 501E
Hours: T 12-2
Email: jordan.duncan@siu.edu

Ellert-Beck, Luke

Teaching Assistant

Office: 430N
Office Hours: Zoom, T,F 2-3
Email: luke.ellertbeck@siu.edu

Gaither-Ganim, Moses

Teaching Assistant

Office: 501D
Hours: D2L, T,F 2-3
Email: moses.gaitherganim@siu.edu

Gonzales, Alvin

Research Assistant

Email: agonza@siu.edu

Hofer, Stephen

Teaching Assistant

Office: 430K
Hours: Zoom, T, R 12-1
Email:  shofer@siu.edu

Karunanithy, Robinson

Teaching Assistant

Office: 501C
Hours: F2F, R 10 - 12
Email: Robinson.karunanithy@siu.edu

Mandrell, Chris

Teaching Assistant

Office: 430M
Hours: Teams, W, R 2-3
Email: chrismandrell@siu.edu

Mason, Robert

Teaching Assistant

Office: 414A
Hours: F2F M 1-1:55, F 10-10:55
Email: robert.mason@siu.edu

Nareddula, Harsha

Teaching Assistant

Office: 430G
Hours: Teams, M, R 1-2
Email:  harshavardhanreddy.nareddula@siu.edu

Patil, Prasanna

Office: 440G
Email:  prasanna@siu.edu

Sapkota, Yub Raj

Office: 430J
Email: sapkota@siu.edu

Takahashi, Masaya

Teaching Assistant

Takahashi, Masaya

Office: 430L
Hours: Zoom, W 10-noon
Email: masaya.takahashi@siu.edu

Thakre, Purva

Teaching Assistant

Office: 430K
Hours: D2L, M 2-4
Email: purva.thakre@siu.edu

Wetzel, Duston

Teaching Assistant

Office: 501C
Hours: Teams M 9-11
Email: duston.wetzel@siu.edu