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College of Agriculture, Life and Physical Sciences

Dr. Saikat Talapatra working with student in lab

Saikat Talapatra

Professor, Interim Chair, Graduate Advisor

Office: Neckers 474
Mailcode: 4401

Lab Webpage:

Courses Taught

PHYS 203B College Physics

PHYS 301 Math Methods

PHYS 320 Electricity and Magnetism I

PHYS 420 Electricity and Magnetism II

PHYS 545A Statistical Mechanics II

PHYS 575 Special Topics (Carbon Nano materials)

Spring 2020 Office Hours



  • Multifunctional carbon nanotube and graphene based architectures
  • Electronics and Opto-electronics in 2D layered materials
  • Electrical transport in nanostructured materials
  • Carbon based electrochemical energy storage devices
  • Carbon nanotubes in catalysis


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