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College of Agriculture, Life and Physical Sciences

Matt Penn

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Practice

Office: Remote

Research:  The Dynamic Eclipse Broadcast Initiative


Selected Publications

Penn, M.J.; Baer, R.; Walter, D.; and 285 co-authors; 2020, “Acceleration of Coronal Mass Ejection Plasma in the Low Corona as Measured by the Citizen CATE Experiment”, PASP, 132, 1007

Simoes, P.J.A., Kerr, G.S., Fletcher, L., Hudson, H.S., Gimenez de Castro, C.G., Penn, M.; 2017, "Formation of the thermal infrared continuum in solar flares”, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 605, 125

Penn, M. J.; Baer, R.; Bosh, R.; Garrison, D.; Gelderman, R.; Hare, H.; Isberner, F.; Jensen, L.; Kovac, S.; McKay, M.; Mitchell, A.; Pierce, M.; Thompson, P.; Ursache, A.; Varsik, J.; Walter, D.; Watson, Z.; Young, D.; the Citizen CATE Team ; 2017, “Instrumentation for the Citizen CATE Experiment: Faroe Islands and Indonesia”, PASP, 129, 5005

Penn, M, Jhabvala, M, Jennings, D, Lunsford, A, Hudson, H, Krucker, S; 2016, “Spectral Observations of a White-light Flare in the Mid-Infrared”, ApJ, 819L, 30.

Penn, M.J., Lin, H., Schmidt, A.M., Gerke, J., Hill, F.; 2004, ``Extinction and Sky Brightness at Two Solar Observatories'' Solar Physics, 220, p107.