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Experimental Physics Research Labs

Magnetic Properties Laboratory, Naushad Ali
The lab includes a SQUID magnetometer, high-temperature ovens, a diamond cutting saw, assorted other magnetometers and a variable temperature electrical resistance measurement setup.

Quantum Optics / Quantum Materials Laboratory, Bumsu Lee

Emerging low-dimensional materials such as 2D van der Waals crystals, topological insulators, nanowires and quantum dots have been attracting significant attention in aspect of photonic, optoelectronic and magnetic applications because of their enhanced features and new functionalities. These functional properties offer unique platforms when they are coupled to photonic and plasmonic structures, enabling advanced applications such as photon sources, photodetectors, modulators, sensors and energy conversion devices. In our lab, we are pursuing a better understanding of fundamental physics of these new materials in order to overcome existing disadvantages and limitations, and developing novel and innovative photonics, opto-electronics, spintronics, and quantum information applications.

The Novel Materials and Heterostructures Laboratory, Dipanjan Mazumdar

Our research is in the area of Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, on novel electronic and magnetic materials to explore and exploit the subtle interplay between spin, charge and lattice degrees of freedom. Advances in experimental and theoretical techniques allow us to grow and investigate physical properties of materials with unprecedented detail and accuracy. This has significantly enhanced the problem-solving ability of the scientific community. In our lab we pay attention to every aspect of material physics research, namely growth, physical property investigation, theory, and device applications. The overarching goal is to discover novel materials and heterostructures and realize their application potential.

Carbon Nanomaterials Laboratory, Saikat Talapatra

Our research is primarily related to Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. We employ various state of the art techniques for synthesis, characterization and modification of a variety of nanostructures which includes carbon nanotubes, graphene etc. At present our research focus is geared towards developing these materials for a variety of applications. Some of the applications that we are currently developing using these nanaoscale materials are broadly related to the energy storage, energy conversion, clean environmental technology and nano-electronic devices.