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Fall 2021

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PHYS 100

Undergraduate Seminar

PHYS 101 Physics That Changed the World


PHYS 101

Physics That Changed the World, Section 950 (Online Course) West

PHYS 103

Astronomy Hendley
PHYS 103 Astronomy, Section 950 (Online Course) West
PHYS 203A College Physics A Sec 1 - Hendley, Sec 2 - Shajesh
PHYS 203A College Physics A, Section 950 (Online Course) West
PHYS 203B College Physics B Russell
PHYS 203B College Physics B, Section 950 (Online Course) West
PHYS 205A University Physics A Russell
PHYS 205B University Physics B Shajesh
PHYS 206A Problem Solving for PHYS 205A Jayasekera
PHYS 206B Problem Solving for PHYS 205B Jayasekera
PHYS 253A College Physics Lab A Russell - Lab Coordinator
PHS 253B College Physics Lab B Russell - Lab Coordinator
PHYS 255A University Physics Lab A Russell - Lab Coordinator
PHYS 255B University Physics Lab B Russell - Lab Coordinator
PHYS 301 Theoretical Methods in Physics Cancelled
PHYS 305 Modern Physics Sivakumara
PHYS 310

Mechanics I

PHYS 320 Electricity and Magnetism I Lee
PHYS 355 Modern Physics Lab Russell - Lab Coordinator
PHYS 390 Undergraduate Research
PHYS 425 Solid State Physics Jayasekera
PHYS 440 Applications of Quantum Mechanics Mazumdar
PHYS 445 Thermodynamics and Statistical mechanics Sivakumara
PHYS 470 Special Projects  
PHYS 475 Special Topics  
PHYS 476M Introduction to Materials Science and NanoPhysics Cancelled
PHYS 476C Introduction to Computational Physics Cancelled
PHYS 490 Advanced Undergraduate Research  
PHYS 500A Mathematical Methods in Physics Shajesh
PHYS 520A Electromagnetic Theory Lee
PHYS 530B Quantum Mechanics II Byrd
PHYS 531B Advanced Quantum Mechanics Ge
PHYS 570 Special Projects  
PHYS 575 Selected Topics in Physics
PHYS 581 Graduate Seminar  Cancelled


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PHYS 101, 103, 355 – Labs start 2nd week of classes

PHYS 253 / 255 labs associated with PHYS 203A & B,  PHYS 205 A & B, -  All meet for lab orientation first week of classes. Students: Bring a flash drive to lab. See Course Syllabus or D2L for lab manual requirements.