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2/13/2020, SIUC Physics Graduate Student Awarded APS Travel Grant

Congratulations to SIUC physics graduate student, Prasanna Patil. Mr. Patil is recipient of Ovshinsky Honorable Mention Travel Grant Award for the 2020 March American Physical Society (APS) Meeting in Denver, Colorado.  The award helps fund travel to the APS March meeting where Mr. Patil will present on his collaborative research conducted at SIUC under the supervision of Dr. Saikat Talapatra.   Presentation title: Electronic and Optoelectronic Properties of Indium Tin Selenide (In1-xSnxSe).  Authors: P. D. Patil*, R. Karunanithy, O. Pitkanen, S. Lei, P. Sivakumar, K. Kordas, S. Talapatra.

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