Bob Baer

astro bob

Position: Computer / Electronics Specialist
Co-Chair, Southern Illinois Eclipse 2017 - 2024 Steering Committee
Illinois State Coordinator, Citizen CATE Experiement
NASA SMD Bio page

Contact Information

Office: Neckers 418
Mailcode: 4401
Phone: 618-453-2729
Fax: 618-453-1056

Mailing Address

1245 Lincoln Drive
Neckers Building Rm 483A
Carbondale, IL 62901


Electronic CircuitElectronics Shop Information


LAN admin for ( See the network settings page for IP address details.

Sysadmin for the following machines:

Physics Department Public Astronomy Observations

Southern Illinois Ecilpse 2017 - 2024,

SIUC Physics Facebook Admin

See me if you need copies of public or site licensed software; help with any electronics projects, demonstrations, or presentation equipment


Links ftp server

Linux Links

White Box Enterprise Linux
Red Hat Linux 
Suse Linux
Linux Terminal Server Project.
The Linux Documentation Project

Interests / Activities




Outreach / Astronomy Observations, Astrophotogrphy.Meade



Mini Trebuchet Project




Eclipse 2017