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Eric Chitambar

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Eric Chitambar

Office: Neckers 480
Mailcode: 4401
Phone: 618-453-2020
Fax: 618-453-1056

My primary area of research is in the subject of quantum information theory. As a relatively new field in science, quantum information involves the study of how quantum mechanical properties can be used in information processing tasks. For instance, quantum entanglement has been shown to produce some truly remarkable phenomena such as state teleportation and an exponential speed-up in computation time.

Much of my research deals with the theory of quantum entanglement and its mathematical structure. In particular, I am interested in answering four important questions: (i) what different forms of entanglement can exist in multipartite systems, (ii) in what meaningful ways can entanglement be quantified or measured, (iii) how can entanglement be manipulated by parties separated in different labs, and (iv) what types of quantum correlations exist beyond entanglement. A primary goal of my research is to better understand how nonlocality and entanglement differ as resources in quantum information processing. This objective extends toward the construction of new protocols for quantum communication and cryptography that utilize the complex structure of multipartite quantum systems. Additional areas of interest include computational complexity theory and physics education.

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